11 Alternative Indie Music Blogs to Follow in 2017

Chances With Wolves

Chances With Wolves have put out 369 very cool episodes to date packed full of even cooler music. Check this one out. It’s pure gold, and not by chance.

Hearing Gold

Hearing Gold is an indie music blog showcasing emerging artists from around the globe. Great stuff here.

Drunken Werewolf

Drunken Werewolf supports independent and unsigned artists of all shapes, sizes and colors from around the world.

Indie is Not a Genre

Started in Germany, Indie is Not a Genre covers musical styles ranging from rock to electronica to folk, because after all — indie is not a genre.

Indie Central Music

Made for the love of all things great about the indie music scene. The biggest fans of the smallest bands. The central hub for everything indie. Check this indie gem out.


A vintage music blog featuring Alt-Country, Americana, Indie, Rock, Folk  and the Blues.

God is in the TV

God Is In The TV‘s core ethos is about giving music fans, writers, and bands, an independent platform, regardless of genre, position or hype.

L.A. Record

L.A. Record is a music blog and also publishes a digital magazine.

Kid With a Vinyl

kid With a Vinyl is an independent blog devoted to covering the best new music spanning across many genres and subgenres. A delightfully quirky indie music blog.

The Owl Mag

A bronze medal music publication and gold medal drinkers. This one is a drunken dandy.

Aquarium Drunkard

Based in Los Angeles, Aquarium Drunkard is an eclectic blog featuring daily music reviews, interviews, features and particularly digs vintage garage, psych, folk, country, soul, funk, r&b and more. Listen and dig.

A Note to Artists & Publicists: How to Submit Your Music to Blogs

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