Peter Adams

Peter Adams is an indie musician out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  

He released Queen of the Attic June 16th, 2017. The album took him nearly four years to complete.

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He recorded the songs chronologically and let each song lead him to the next in order to imitate a stream of consciousness.

Extensive use was made of material he had previously recorded. Peter Adams essentially created a feedback loop with his past self.


“We all create dreamlike structures to navigate in fleeting moments of idleness. Maybe in the moment before sleep overcomes you, or as you take a breath and gaze out the window at tree branches moving through the wind. The wandering can sometimes take you down corridors of memories. A hallucinatory building emerges. Some of the rooms look familiar, others are strange. Then, present-tense reality returns and the building fades.” — Peter Adams

Peace and love from Valpo.

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