Arkansas Dave

Arkansas Dave was born and raised on the blues in the piney swamps of Southern Arkansas.

Most people in Dave’s hometown either went to prison, joined the army, or sank down into the swampy waters of mediocrity. However, Dave chose a different path—music.

With devout Christianity on one side of his family and booze ‘n drugs on the other, music really was Dave’s sole escape. Even when Dave found himself as an assembly-line worker in a factory, he never gave up on his dream. And upon the death of his grandpappy, Dave got his shit together and enrolled in an audio engineering course in Austin, Texas—located in the infamous Arlyn Studios (same studio Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Ray Charles recorded). 

Now having spent the last couple years writing, recording, and cutting his teeth in dive bars across Arkansas and Texas. Dave is nearly ready for the big leagues. However, before he shares his wild ride through the medium of song, Dave covers a Tom Waits classic.

Here is the timeless—Chocolate Jesus.

Arkansas Dave’s new album drops 4/20.

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Charles Johnson

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