The Lost Interview of Time Robb

Time Robb is an alternative folk artist from Australia serving up some fuzzy lo-fi darkness infused with elements of grunge, dope, and existential angst.

While abroad I became enamored with Robb’s late night number, Daffodil. So, I reached out and interviewed the man.

It was the finest interview I had conducted to date. I was elated.

We talked of the creative process, philosophical matters, and heartache. It was fucking beautiful.

However, the heartless bitch of procrastination reared her ugly head and there the interview sat in my phone for about eight months as I gallivanted across seven countries. Then one night as I sat pounding beers, the unthinkable happened. My phone slipped from my fingertips and met its fate.

I tried everything to resuscitate the poor thing, but the SIM card had been destroyed. The interview was lost. Here is what ensued:

Jesse: Hey man, I’ve got some shit news. The phone I used for our interview is no more. I thought I’d be able to retrieve it, but no luck. Super bummed.

Robb: Oh man what a hilarious series of misfortune. I had the messages on my phone still but I just got a new phone and sold my old one yesterday afternoon!

Jesse: Ahh fuck, are you serious?

Quite a coincidence… But to numb the pain I will now play for you Robb’s latest release, a fare-thee-well of sorts bleeding with ruminations of heartbreak. Here is, “So Long, Marie”.

“Yeah she knows that I don’t play the game and even if i did I’d still be calling her name.” – Time Robb

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.