LLORIENT. delivers a dreamy soundscape steeped in teenage angst with their first EP, Who?. With slow drum beats and soft vocals, the Melbourne based duo immediately set the mood with the first track, “same”, which serves as a brooding warning about the naivety of young love. 

Melancholy disguised as nostalgia flows through the song like honey, thick and sickly sweet, with lyrics lamenting a love that feels like a “remorseless game”.

A sense of betrayal shines through lyrics such as “too young, too nice to know that she had lied to you” and “you don’t know if she feels the same”, causing anger to mix with an almost tangible feeling of longing.

The song delicately reminds listeners that love can be cruel to those who are still growing, and, for those already in their older years, it serves as an invitation to return to a time when little made sense and everything bordered on disaster.

The two sixteen-year-olds behind the artistry of LLORIENT. describe their sound as bedroom music, an appropriate fit for a band that reminds you of days spent hiding in your room with headphones glued to year ears. Same, with all its strife, it fits that narrative perfectly.

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“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Carl Sagan


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