Kendall Core

Photo Courtesy of Kendall Core’s Instagram

Kendall Core’s single “Crazy Dog” is on fire with emotion. Core shows charisma with her guitar, and that talent paired with her deep, vibrating vocals makes this track a gem of dark folk.

When she sings about her absent lover you can almost feel tendrils of loss twisting around the heart of the song. It is painfully beautiful. 

The track ends with Core literally howling like a dog, but she does it so beautifully that its reminiscent of storybook witches uttering incantations to bring back the dead. In Core’s case, the dead she attempts to revive is not a human, but a sense of identity built around another person. “Who have I become?” she sings. “What have I done?”

Core’s spell-casting pours vulnerability from every verse, and when the song comes to an end her howling feels both appropriate and freeing. Keep howling at the moon, sister. You’re killin’ it.

Her album Crazy Dog is set to be released May 11th — digitally.

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“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Carl Sagan


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