Luna Honey

Photograph Courtesy of Luna Honey’s Instagram

DC-based Luna Honey shows us what bittersweet rock can do for a weary soul in their debut album, Peace Will Grind You Down. The LP is a haunting story full of luminescent heart and tragic tales. Ambient rock often finds itself lacking in emotional diversity, leaving many to believe that the genre is nothing more than a dumping ground for sad stories but Luna Honey delivers an album wrought with emotion, anger, disappointment, and self-loathing. These sentiments feel fresh as a melancholy energy is explored through the beautifull, yet evocative vocals of Maura Pond. Not many bands can say that every track they produce tells a cohesive string of tales, but Luna Honey has created an album with eight unique storylines. 

My personal favorite comes from “Line of Sight”, which is perhaps the most experimental track on the album. Its sound reminds me of gritty, dark streets straight from the pages of a comic book, with lyrics that preach a mixture of desire and longing. While each song on Peace Will Grind You Down is a masterpiece of gothic fiction in its own right, “Line of Sight” looms above the rest as it feels both sexy and horrifying. The album, it seems, uses every aspect of itself to tell a story, even if the tales aren’t all that pleasant. Through this, Luna Honey dares to discuss the most unpleasant aspects of life in an approachable way.

Luna Honey expands on electronic rock by fusing it with gothic undertones and solid narratives, a feature that gives their album a provocative, yet alluring sound. Although Peace Will Grind You Down is their first album, the band already displays a mature sound that boasts a lifetime of experiences. If this album is any indication of where the band will head in the future, I feel it’s safe to say that Luna Honey will find itself among one of the gothic greats.

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