The Little Miss

Photograph Courtesy of The Little Miss’ Instagram

Today, The Little Miss adds an authentic flavor of folk art to the collective masterpiece. A romantic tale of a young girl lost in the labyrinth of life — trying to find her way home. Much like the fantastic fables of Alice and Dorothy.

“Take Me, Too” off The Little Miss’ American Dream EP, is an absolutely stunning track. Magnificent in the simplest of ways. And quite curiously relevant in these trying times.

“A happy ending is nothing without the hero’s journey,” The Little Miss states. “Take Me, Too” is a take-charge kind of song, a realization that life’s ups and downs are pivotal and that there is beauty in taking the winding path and the opportunities it brings.”

The Little Miss adds, “I wrote ‘Take Me, Too’ shortly after moving to Los Angeles to pursue music. The weight of my pursuit was crushing. I knew two people, I couldn’t find a steady job and I didn’t know where to begin. More than anything, I wanted to jump ahead to the place in my story that said, ‘and she lived happily ever after.’ I didn’t want to do the leg work.”

Sometimes less is more. And “Take Me, Too” is no exception. The stripped down soundscape is a primitive homage to the classic ballad. An iridescent throwback to a simpler time.

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“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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