Living The Dream: The Path To Self-actualization

Without a dream, you have nothing

The first and very most important step in becoming an artist, or anything for that matter, is the conception of a dream, or vision.

One could write a book on this very subject alone. But I will keep this short and sweet.

Fulfilling your dream simply means that one is realizing his or her destiny. It’s your true inner self. Your divine calling. It’s your passion. Your pursuit of happiness. It’s the taking of your vision and making it a reality. It’s a sort of transmutation, or psycho-alchemy.

If you’re a writer, you must write. A painter, you must paint. A musician, you must make music.

If you neglect your true inner self, you will live a stagnant life of remorse

It’s difficult sometimes to believe, but many people overlook this primary step, and oftentimes fail before they ever begin. Or worse yet, never even try.

What good is an audience if you have nothing of value to give them?

Just as the salesman must have a product to sell. The artist must have art in order for it to be consumed.

Sometimes one must stop everything they’re doing, disconnect, and sit down to create, dream, experiment, and venture off into the noxious vapors of the great unknown.

The cosmos is your canvas and sonic vibrations your medium

If you make it back alive, you might just be in possession of something that could forever alter the universe.

Don’t be like the mocking bird and imitate what you think will sell, what you think is in, or what you think is cool. Push the boundaries and create something new, something revolutionary, something that will cement your name in the illustrious halls of humankind.

I’m not sure where music, or technology is headed, but I know that it is evolving into something I am not yet able to comprehend, so I feel the best course of action for us to take is to create the most beautiful thing we’re able to conjure up, and then just sit back and see where it takes us.

You wrote your masterpiece ages ago, the only task now is for you to remember it

Let the process of making art take its course and act merely as a sort of conduit to the cosmos. Interpret what you hear, what you feel, and don’t force it. Hold nothing back. And remember that the only thing you have to lose is something you don’t even yet have.

The world is for the taking, all you must do is reach out and take it. It’s simply a matter of the will.

Fulfilling your dream could take months, it could take years, and in many cases it could take a lifetime. Just know that the day you give up on your dream, all will be lost. A part of you will die off, and the dream will fade away, just as your reality will eventually dissipate into a fine mist of nothingness.

Closing thoughts

Perhaps artificial intelligence will hi-jack music from mankind and create something now in·con·ceiv·a·ble. However, I have an innate feeling that for as long as the human race is in existence, they will most enjoy music, or any art for that matter, created by their own kind. I also have a sinking feeling that music, or beauty of any kind, will be of no value to the machine world.

You are your ultimate masterpiece, but still try and enjoy the ride while it lasts my friends. It will all be over before you know it. In the meantime, reach for a higher place, and evolve your consciousness with art.


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J.R. Gilmore

J.R. Gilmore was born in the woodlands, on planet earth, 4.5 billion years after the planet was formed out of a mixture of dust and gas. And at least 3.5 million years after hominids stopped swinging in trees and began walking upright.