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Coyle Girelli

Originally from Leeds, The Chevin frontman — Coyle Girelli — is now based out of Brooklyn, the city where he recorded his latest album, Love Kills.

Girelli’s debut album was born out of songwriting sessions with legend Mac Davis, writer of iconic Elvis hits such as “In the Ghetto” and “A Little Less Conversation”. It was a monumental experience for Girelli.

“Everything seemed to make more sense to me and I let my voice lead the way” Girelli said after the experience.

Love Kills is a dark, yet cinematic Americana throwback doused in 1950s charm and wreaking with melodically driven ballads. It’s a guitar heavy album complete with sultry vocals and tantalizing grooves. Listen at your own risk my friend.

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Jordan Vincent

Jordan Vincent is an indie artist out of Los Angeles, California — mixing up hot jams and spitting gnarly rhymes over experimental soundscapes.

Vincent just released his most delectable work to date, his EP, There is No Line — a project dripping with misinformation, simulation theories, drum machines, conspiracies, and lacking in harmonic dissonance. It’s a modern take on Beatlesque melodies and indie psych-pop. A wonderful trip to behold.

The track, “Sister Jill“ is a radical departure from the other four tracks on the album, and is our favorite jam. The song will take you on a nice stroll through the couriers of time, and leave you in a familiar place, somewhere between sixties psychedelia and Muse.

Now sit down, take a load off, and soak in the fantastic vibrations of Jordan Vincent’s “Sister Jill“.

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