Oliver Hazard

Photograph Courtesy of Oliver Hazard’s Instagram

Waterville, Ohio-based alternative folk band, Oliver Hazard, recently released their infectious single, “Take me Back”. It’s a rhythmic, upbeat track reminiscing on the good old days of years now gone. A sort of pastoral awakening to the gentrification, and modernization of rural America. 

Perhaps change is inevitable, but one thing is for certain, the past always seems to glows brightly with a familiar golden nostalgia.  

The Hazard boys are watching their small agricultural community in Ohio slowly evolve into a thing they barely recognize anymore, so they’ve partnered up with the city to throw Oliver Hazard Day (a street festival celebrating their roots as a Waterville, Ohio band). All alcohol sales at today’s festival will be donated to the local Library.

Be sure to follow the Hazard boys on Spotify, and be sure to catch them on their tour. Here is a list of upcoming dates and locations:

9/1: Bellefontaine, OH Hookahville 50

9/5: Pittsburgh, PA Funhouse at Mr. Smalls

9/7: Bethlehem, PA Levitt Pavilion Stage

9/8: New York City, NY Berlin

9/9: Cambridge, MA Atwood’s Tavern

9/11: Philadelphia, PA Ortlieb’s Lounge

9/12: Washington, DC Songbyrd DC

9/15: Nashville, TN Americanafest

9/20: Columbus, OH Rumba Cafe

9/22: Goshen, IN Goshen Brewing Company

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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