Bandcamp Exclusive Ft. Kicksie [and] Laarches


Kicksie is the minimalistic bedroom project of indie pop artist, Giuliana Mormile — just a local teenage loser with a burning passion for music and a knack for infectious melodies.

Giuliana has been into music since she was little — spending her free time learning how to play all of the old instruments her family had lying around the house.

Using nothing but a ukulele, some shakers, synths, and of course, her iconic lazy vocals — Kicksie’s music is a chilled out homage to the light vibrations of summertime.

The tracks mesh like milk and cookies — making the entire EP seem like one little journey through the woods on a long hot afternoon.

Kicksie focuses on infusing happy sounding soundscapes with vocals that will make you ponder the intricacies of life.

“I feel like my generation and I are so focused on every negative thing that is happening to us…we never really take a second to just live and be happy anymore. That’s why I wrote this EP, just to try and get back in touch with the simplicity and beauty life has to offer us while still trying to educate people about serious topics like mental illness and how it makes people feel.” – Kicksie


Laarches is an intensely dark and ominous post-rock band out of Lyme, New Hampshire — dishing up sublime tracks of sensational underground psychedelia.

Former veterans of the garage rock and the indie electronic scene, Laarches now manifests ambient and mesmerizing soundscapes drawing from a diverse range of influences across the underground, post-punk, and psychedelic landscape.

Their debut EP Fell Moon was released back in October of 2018 — but a full length album is on the horizon!

Here is the very first single off Laarches’ new EP, Fell Moon. Here is, “Sunday Morning”.

Listen and dig my fair-weather friends.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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