Bandcamp Exclusive: Hungry Lake [and] Jaguar Purrs

Hungry Lake

Hungry Lake is a psychedelic alt-folk band out of Toronto, Ontario — glowing with nostalgia.  

Sweeping guitars and monolithic walls of intense vibrations meld with Hungry Lake’s depressing ballad of eternal despair in absolutely beautiful fashion. It’s a special sonic spectacle to behold.

Next year, the band will embark on a national tour to bring their sad sound to festivals and smaller communities across Canada.

And now, without further ado, here is Hungry Lake’s magnificent lofi track, “Town Square”.

Jaguar Purrs

Jaguar Purrs is an experimental outfit from Atlanta, Georgia — serving up a couple of eclectic jams of somber sadness.

“Vampire“ — their latest single — is an irrefutable track of spooky splendor just in time for the autumnal equinox. The indie pop soundscape is drenched with iridescent synths and a hypnotic beat.

If you’re looking for something fresh — well then you’ve found a friend in Jaguar Purrs. Shit doesn’t get much fresher than this. Enjoy.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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