Spotify Exclusive: Lukka | Daniel Ruiz | Brother Toaster & Tyler Arnott

Lukka — “Growing Gold”

Lukka’s “Growing Gold” is a glowing masterpiece of nostalgic wonderment infused with a mesmerizing dose of infectious vocals and a haunting soundscape wreaking of surreal splendour. The song is reminiscent of a dreamy fusion of the South African group Mango Groove and New German Wave artist, Gabriele “Nene” Kerner.

The acoustic world percussion on the track is absolutely magnificent. A riveting percussive beat, I must confess, envy with a delirious smile.

As I grow older, I can’t help but feel that my memories seem more like fading dreams than they do the happenings of our supposed reality’s past events. Life is beyond bizarre my friends — but the beauty of it is undeniable, so enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Now lay your head down, and take in the psychedelic sonic waves of Lukka’s gorgeous, “Growing Gold”.

Daniel Ruiz — “El Universo No Observable”

Daniel Ruiz — Barcelona’s very own poet of despair — lays aside the pen for but a night, and brings to us a cosmic wonderland shimmering with galactic undertones of eternal anguish.

The downtrodden vibrations of Daniel’s instrumental work of transcendental art is a sonic spectacle not of this earth — but of a place with no boundaries, a place expanding with every passing moment.

Now lay aside your internal misery for but an instant and lose yourself in the glorious resonance of the psychedelic dreamer, Daniel Ruiz.

Brother Toaster & Tyler Arnott — “Fungal Forest”

Brother Toaster and Tyler Arnott team up for a catatonic concoction of blurry eyed, blues-inspired melodies. In plain speak, two lackadaisical brohemians join forces on an EP now known as, Recreational Landscaping.

The 5-track album is a mostly instrumental feat, dripping with Zeppelin-esque guitarwork and a sublime, laid back mood of two down-to-mars dudes jamming till the break of dawn.

The natural nature of the EP slithers effortlessly from track-to-track like a common Garter snake on a long and hot, Sunday afternoon.

“Fungal Forest”, our personal favorite track off the EP, is an au naturel homage to our living and breathing fungal cousins.

Now sit back, take a load off, and get down to the psychedelic vibrations of the always cool, Brother Toaster and Tyler Arnott.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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