0013: Digitalia Records – Shampoo Banana Single (2018)

Photograph Courtesy of Digitalia Records

Digitalia records — a project conceptualized by Eureka Brown — is a pseudo-monotheistic trio out of Illinois, consisting also of Elmo Townsend and percussion extraordinaire, Beat Sinclair.

We reviewed Digitalia’s “We’re All Gonna Die” back in April. You can check out that write-up, here.

Shampoo Banana is a relaxed work of vintage pop art that seems to be falling through a window of an iridescent soundscape and into an avante garde illusion of a nostalgic postmodern noir.

The track is infested with tropical undertones that seem to take form as the rhythmic instrumentation bounces between a corridor of world music. Simply put, the track is magnificent and to top it off, concludes with a dark nursery rhyme fit for a place not of this world.

Right when you think you have an artist figured out, they put out a track like “Brimstone” — a song brimming with hyper-burlesque caricatures of a russian drama lost in a fractal frenzy of perfection. In short, it’s a brisk jam shimmering with experimental brilliance.

Shampoo Banana Single can now be streamed or downloaded everywhere music is digitally available. Check out Digitalia’s previous releases on Discogs.

The Single will also be released on CD and cassette in the coming days — so be on the lookout!

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan