Soundcloud Exclusive: Mathijs Leeuwis | Wax Machine | Elvyn Rhud

Mathijs Leeuwis

Mathijs Leeuwis (Waalwijk, 1985) is an experimental artist out of the Netherlands.

The lonesome craftsman plays pedal steel guitar, with which he performs alternative country outside the domain of traditional country music and pedal steel…

In 2018, Leeuwis released his first full instrumental album entitled, Galbier.

The self-titled album track is an instrumental ode to the most painful, yet beautiful falls and accents a man can possibly endure in a lifetime riddled with chaos, order, and beauty.

The mesmerizing instrumental work of art was recorded using a pedal steel guitar in the name of expanding the conscious realm of psychedelic country and alt-folk music.

Wax Machine

Brighton, UK-based Wax Machine is a transcendental throwback to an era of psychedelia now heaving its final breaths in an age littered with plastic messiahs and digital fraudsters.

Wax Machine is a psychedelic organism of organic stardust floating through the foggy mist of a deep cavernous mountain valley — an entity engrossed with the sublime mysteries of the infinite universe and beyond.

Intricate flute work to mind-melting solos and eerie vocals — “Time” is an experimental track that undulates both space and time in rare vintage fashion.

The album was recorded and mixed by Lauro, who is also on the guitar and vocals. Izzi is on the flute and also holds down some vocals, Woody’s of course on the bass, and Toma is holding down the drums and percussion.

Wax Machine’s new Mind Palace EP was released on Time Spun Records — and is now available just about everywhere music is streamed and downloaded!

Elvyn Rhud

Psychedelic underground rock and roller — Elvyn Rhud — is a fresh breath of death in times of utter blackness and hopeless despair.

The lonely artist hails from France, and carries with him a downtrodden feeling of forlorn resonance — a sort of harmonic revolution in a time encumbered with mocking birds and gimciky artistry.

The driving vocals of Rhud cuts through a rugged soundscape embellished with gravely guitars and a lonesome tamborine fit for the majestic halls of a gothic castle.

The track is an iridescent homage to an underground movement that will live fast and die hard. I promise you this.

Elvyn Rhud’s Alpha Du Centaure 7′ Split is now available via Bandcamp, get yours today:…-tuel

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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