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Swedish/American outfit Eyes Eyes’ new indie-pop anthem “War” is an infectious track now set to film in an eerily familiar manner — depicting the lost innocence of a man floundering in the weighty depths of darkness and angst.

Actor Jonatan Blode, and Director Daniel Lundh choreograph an emotionally gripping work of art that seems to bleed the consumer at every turn. The short film was masterfully shot by Olle Lundin, and is now available via Vimeo and YouTube.

Johan Barrett is on the vocals, Markus Miljand on the guitar and keyboards, Lars Skoglund on the Drums, and Daniel Bengtson is on the bass. The chorus seems to pluck the very strings which rule the heart.

Eyes Eyes new album is set to be released sometime in January I believe — so be on the lookout my friends!


No Hay Dolor is a beautifully fragmented trio out of Madrid — digging up lo-fi diamonds of particularly stunning clarity and texture.

They’re truly masters of their craft — and their latest experimental track “La Verdad” lays down the truth, as it slowly burns itself into a manic state of pure oblivion.

The driving drums and wailing guitars of “La Verdad” seems to harp back to a time of simpler beauties and more blissful thoughts of ignorance — a time lost in the vapor of its own reflection.

Like the legendary fable of the transcendental choir of harmonic demigods singing their glorious songs of holiness to their empress — the vocals of a mere mortal man shine through the eclectic soundscape and bestows his godlike glory upon the listener in the most radical of manners.


Sissysock’s latest track takes an inevitable sonic trip through the mind’s eye to remind itself of the ravenous yearning of the great abyss — a sort of murmuring whimper in the dead of night.

The soundscape shimmers with undertones of ancient atmospheric origins, and seems to whisper of a desperate heart trying to find its way back home.

“I’ll Die One Day” is a track off of Sissysock’s upcoming album, Slink Away.

As one contemplates the bizarre dualities of our flickering existence — silence shrouds the listener, and beckons him to rest his weary head for but one more night.


Nashville outcast Paul Nelson delivers to us an ode of what must be done. His latest track “Do or Die” is a down-home dalliance — wreaking of an honest inflection of beauty and grit.

The jam weeps and wails its way to a happier place — a temporary refuge of hiding one can only hope to stay for but a little while longer.

The two track album was recorded at The Bomb Shelter — and was entirely written by the infamous, Paul Nelson.

His 7” vinyl album is now available on his Bandcamp! Get it while it’s hot my friends. And as always, stay cool.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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