Aaron Taos – Loneliness

“Loneliness” is a sorrowful track of optimistic hope Aaron Taos wrote as he was crossing the great divide of distraught — the existential valley of mental solitude.

The tragic tune is a fatal waltz into the lethal clutch of darkness — a sort of shallow noxious breath upon an arid plane dazzling with emerald hues of a luminous gassy glow.

“Loneliness” drips with the beautiful emotion of a solemn sadness wreaking of a sort of narcissistic sorrow.

In the midst of a self-induced depression — what seemed to help Taos cope with the psychological pain was remembering that conventional success isn’t everything.

Relationships, specifically that of his girlfriend at the time — was a shining light through a dark period — and reminded him that as important as goals seem to be, authentic connections and genuine love is the foundation of feeling okay. 

Taos directed the video with his good friend, Mike Curry. 

The presence of a fleeting loneliness is felt throughout the video, and is quite apparent with Taos sitting all alone playing his guitar in the forest, and later being beaten by his dual sides of personality — the light and the darkness.

Taos produced the song, and it was masterfully mixed by Andrew Sarlo.

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“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.