YouTube Exclusive: MaidaVale | S3LF | FUR | Los Shadows


MaidaVale is a female fueled indie post-rock band out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Their latest rugged grunge-diamond, “Gold Mind” — performed at Tapetown studios in Aarhus, in October of 2018 — is an underground gem reminiscent of an iridescent scene lost in the shadows of a never-ending psychedelic carnival gone beautifully awry.

The arid track is taken from MaidaVale’s second album — Madness Is Too Pure — which was released in 2018 on the reputable, The Sign Records.

The album was produced by the creative mastermind — Jari Haapalainen.


S3lf — an outside of the box artist out of California — is a product of the headnod era.

“The heart of the music is created from a standpoint of observation written about a man finding his way in life. Let a brotha breathe.” — S3lf

In our lowly opinion — S3lf & PLCMNT make for a fabulously explosive collaborative force on the artistically inclined track, “High”. It’s a match made in the celestial heavens of the cosmos — a beautiful addition to the alternative world of conscious lo-fi hip-hop.


“FUR” is the glorious debut EP of Brighton-based quartet FUR.

The EP is a collection of tender — nostalgia-inducing yet disgustingly fresh sounding songs from an outfit truly coming into their own.

Formed just over three years ago after frontman Murray met guitarist Harry in an online forum during their university years — the duo instantly began writing songs upon meeting, and the rest is history. “I was very aware that going to a place like Brighton would definitely allow you to do the band thing,” explains the singer. “So when me and Harry met each other we thought, let’s get it started as soon as possible so we’re not wasting time.”

With bassist Tav and drummer Flynn soon finishing out the line up — waste time they did not. Last fall’s “If You Know That I’m Lonley” is a solid testament to that. With only a camera and a £100 budget, the group headed to the rural woods of New Forest to shoot the music video for the aforementioned single.

After the shoot, and over 3.6 millions YouTube hits later, the band has landed slots with the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Miles Kane, and Matt Maltese. Stay tuned.

Los Shadows

Los Shadows embrace their cross border roots on “Laugh Now Cry Later” — a gritty, Chicano flavored track encompassing the entanglements of love and the ambiguity of being naive and perpetually vulnerable whilst in the midst of a state of total blissful ignorance.

The Real Los Shadows of Nasty City, USA — feel the cosmic connection on their delightful new track “Laugh Now Cry Later” and dish out an experimental explosion radiating with faded hints of moon dust and after dinner cocktails. A delightful track to lose oneself in.

Indulge with an ease of moderation my friend.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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