Fred de Mercedes Eumenides Stoner Band

how lonely and black is the lonesome sea

down into the darkness of the cosmic bosom of the marine

gently she goes — down to the terrene the amphibious the otherworldly

one cannot help but stop and look into the deep blue — nor shall one ever forget the cryptic and distant mood

pay close attention to the vessel for she is the most noble 

now the song of starry sadness is just the thing to get me wondering if the vessel really is a worthy thing at all

how lonesome is the cunning saltwater of green and blue

are you upset by how deep it is or does it tear you apart to see the cosmic ocean foaming at the mouth

how dreary is the fabled mountain of darkness

oh how the monstrosity sends a cold shiver down the spine

now pay close attention for the coastline is the most dangerous beast of the line

oh how the six-eyed goddess — who is always watching — makes you shiver at the fall of time


Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.