Arts Fishing Club – Cannibals

Arts Fishing Club is an evolving outfit of musicians out of Nashville fronted by Wisconsin native, Christopher Kessenich.

The name ‘Arts Fishing Club’ is both an homage to Kessenich’s grandfathers and a brisk reminder of the view he wants us all to take on life — which is — art is like fishing. You explore a sea of creativity, casting out lines and writing songs with hopes of landing a big fish.

In the summer of ‘15, Kessenich’s hunger for adventure led him to embark on a fifty plus show — 1,600 mile walking tour from Maine, down the east coast, and then over to Nashville.

“Cannibals” is a new haunting track written about the Syrian conflict — specifically the Aleppo crisis, where over 100,000 civilians were caught in the firestorm between two raging armies. They couldn’t leave their city and they were begging for people to save them via social media.

How ignorant are we to all the world’s suffering? This powerful track explores this question.

“They (my grandfathers) taught me that fishing is about going out every day with the intention for success.  Every single line you cast, you are trying, yet when you come up empty handed, the day is not wasted…We are fishing for our art everyday with intention and the name is a constant reminder that it is not about catching a big fish.” – Christopher Kessenich



Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.