Jonny Pickett – Woman of Gold [the golden poem]

how beautiful is the woman of gold

never forget the desired and wanted one — the artificer that’s really ancient

he above all others is the true goldsmith of liars and women of the latent

don’t be upset by how age-old it is

don’t tear yourself apart to see the goldsmith hard at work

the penny that’s really yellow — above all others is the one who is curiously mellow

down down down into the darkness of corinth — gently she goes to the king to the pauper and to the sick one

how happy is the little diamond — the true essence of the woman

a gilt that is not wholly worthy will always be an antique

now unfashionable is just the thing to get me wondering why such a pretty little thing is now forsaken

the ancient greeks of a lost generation now destroyed — how I mourned the loss of the woman of gold

how it makes me shiver in the dead of night

how i pray to aphrodite for but a little strength and might



Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.