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Em Lucia

Em Lucia — an emerging indie artist from the Southwestern metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona — puts it all on the line with her latest quintessential album, Visions.

“Signs” — a track off of the same album — yearns for a love that seems to be ever-slipping from her tired hands.

The track seems to take one back to a simpler time — a time seething with blissful happiness.

The cheerful vocals and bright soundscape whisks one away to a place encumbered with daisies and iridescent roses void of thorns. A place that seems to be quickly fading with the passing of time.

We hope to hear more from Em Lucia very soon.

Los Jardines de Bruselas

Ezequiel de la Parra is the masterful mastermind behind Los Jardines de Bruselas.

He’s a one man DIY bedroom artist from the romantic city of Buenos Aires — an Argentinian of 30 years who finds inspiration in dreams…and sometimes brings them to life through his music.

Parra’s blurry landscapes are riddled with existential metaphors, and the quite bizarre passing of time. A thing that seems to be accelerating with every fading year.

All of his music was and is recorded in his home-studio, which is presently based in Salzburg, Austria.

Dreaming of Islands

Dreaming of Islands is a dream-pop project from Malmo, Sweden.

Synths, massive guitars and dreamy vocals are the main contributing factors propelling the creative genius of Dreaming of Islands forward. It’s a sonic spectacle to behold.

“Silencio” is a whimsical track inspired by the spirit of Christmas — and is a sublime thing that seems to echo with middle-eastern, psychedelic, and kraut vibrations.

Before you drift off into the noxious illusions of the dreamworld — I urge you to give this track a listen, you will not regret it my friend. This, I promise you.


LLOLLYANNA is an independent garage band based out of New York City dishing up gnarly jams of mythical proportions.

“Down By Design” is a track that seems to be infested with spinning guitars in a tornado of acidic splendour. A sort of methodical dance through the glistening stars.

The soundscape is splendid, and vocals to die for.

If you’re feeling an itch for a chilled out, yet in your face indie rock jam, well then look no further. You’re in the right place. Now, listen and dig my fine friends.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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