Plastic Mermaids | Dollshot [a fleeting poem]

Plastic Mermaids – Floating in a Vacuum

a daydream however far it floats will always be but a fleeting midnight ghost

don’t believe that the mission is familiar — for the mission is actually bizarre and somewhat of a galactic mar

a reverie that is not quite so familiar — a reverie that is somewhat exotic and lonesome to the man with the piano and ghastly synthesizer

how happy are the little minions of aspirations — please never tire of the minute and waning hope


Dollshot – Nacht and Träume

the midnight muse is on its way to visit the little girl — now quite sleepy she begins to breath quite easy

how happy is the victim of the vivid nightmare — how gently she goes down to the pale and weary children of the mire

I saw the esoteric place of a lost generation and oh how i mourned the empty dream of an empty veneration

do not be sad by how ruthless she is and do not cry when it comes to an end — everything will come together in the end



Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.