Electronic Indie Showcase Ft Bonobo, Highschool Jacob, and Sion [New Spotify Playlist]

In the past, we’ve perhaps overlooked the independent electronic scene a bit. Most of the music we feature is probably somewhere between more alternative folk, pop, and rock. However, I’d like for this to change somewhat, not only as a musician, but as a listener, and independent music outlet as well.

Here are three very cool electronic jams we absolutely love, and they just so happen to also be the first three tracks kicking off our brand new electronic playlist streaming on Spotify. I hope you dig. And please, give the playlist a follow ya filthy animals.


Perhaps one of the more affluent artists we’ve featured on the blog, Bonobo exhibits an expansive, and truly unique multi-instrumental palette with his latest electronic project.

And now, here is the tantalizing tonic track entitled “Ibrik” from ‘fabric presents Bonobo’.

We were thrilled when Bonobo’s new song hit our inbox. The soundscape is an unlikely fusion of the contemporary age of plastic opulence and an ancient song that’s slowly fading away.

In closing, “Ibrik” is an intimate display of delicate beats, soaring melodies and sweeping atmospheric sounds that articulates the void between popular western beats and the mournful cry of middle-eastern melodies.


Highschool Jacob

Highschool Jacob is an indie electronic-pop artist based out of Los Angeles.

HSJ creates catchy melodies of indie origin, tells enthralling tales of tall proportions, and makes heartwarming music in an attempt to defy the worn out and generic canals of popular music.

Here is his new radical electronic indie jam, “Sunrise I Fall”.

There is an air of esoteric beauty infused into the song’s fabric, an air that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat.

The vocals of HSJ seem to melt into the iridescent soundscape of vidid pinks and blues. It’s beautifully intricate, yet wonderfully relaxed at the same time. A true indie gem amidst a wasteland of mimicry and boastful voices.



Here is a heartwarming note from Scion: “I made ‘Fall’ one summer night in 2018. This song is one of three I’m releasing today and they all feel part of my soul.

Fall is about surrounding and falling in love with each moment of every day. I feel like the word fall is looked as negative, but I look it as a positive. Being able to fall in love with every moment, everything you are doing, everything you are feeling to me takes a lot of courage and strength.

And in doing so you will feel the deep connection between everyone and everything in this world. When I made this song I had to really let go, surrender, and really feel everything. So when listening I hope it will remind you that it’s okay to surrender and that it’s not showing any weakness, but shows the opposite, strength. It’s okay to feel.”

Scion’s minimal electronic masterpiece “Fall” is now streaming everywhere music is available. Give the artist a follow on Spotify and if you enjoyed these three tracks, then you will perhaps like our new playlist embedded below.



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