Soundcloud Exclusive: Baby FuzZ | Luvwn | Very Nice Massage

Baby FuzZ

“What U Gonna Do 4 Luv”, a brand new track from Baby FuzZ, is a modern throwback to an era infested with the funk. The artwork, production, and creative artistry of the single are all top notch. A common occurrence akin to the FuzZ.

Baby FuzZ seems to build upon a thing once thought worn and dead, and brings back to life a fading memory, making it all his own.

Fueled with an intense energy, vintage guitars, and vibrant vocals, the electric vibrations of the FuzZ breathes new life into the ever-growing realm of all that is lo-fi indie. A pervasive genre that really can’t be labeled.

In conclusion, “What U Gonna Do 4 Luv” is a radical jam through and through, and will quickly slither into your brain and down to your toes in no time.



Christopher Kaasik, the brain behind the lo-fi project, luvwn, is an introverted art school dropout who hails from the small and quiet land of Estonia.

“I’m really obsessed with the idea behind voodoo and hypnotizing and I think the eerie sound is just how it translates into my music” says luvwn. “I think my sound can function as a reminder that there are many small things in life you can enjoy…”

luvwn’s new single “sume” is a mellow chillhop jam, with a slight nostalgic and somewhat depressing vibe to it.

The perfect track for a rainy day.

“It’s actually a non-existent word I just thought of when making the track. For some reason i feel it just fits the song perfectly.” – luvwn


Very Nice Massage

Very Nice Massage is made up of New York City native Chris Retsina and Australian rambler Zach Stolz.

Without further ado, here is the single from Very Nice Massage’s debut mixtape. A track that was never intended to be released, but is now one of their favorites, and ours too.

Diligent students of music, Very Nice Massage has stumbled upon an adaptable style that can effortlessly cater to their various and always evolving interests.

Transitioning between lush and more abrasive soundscapes, organic and then somewhat extraterrestrial, the experimental outfit has created a texture inspired by tuning the digital dial to an older, and more nostalgic sound.



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