Youtube Exclusive: The Oneflower Tribe | Luego | Credit Electric

The Oneflower Tribe

The Oneflower tribe is an alternative bohemian outfit from the Finnish archipelago of The Aland islands.

The Tribe’s eclectic vibration is intensely organic by use of acoustic instruments as well as a natural variation of percussive elements.

Here is their latest project, Instantly Outmoded.

The outfit utilizes random things from around the house in an attempt to distinguish their originality. They think this is a contributing factor to the playful and intimate sound as well.

It’s the kind of music that’s perfectly suited for the bedroom or late night meanderings of introspection.

The project was written and recorded by Johan Enblom.



Luego is the sonic brainchild of Patrick Phelan.

The project began back in 2006 in North Carolina. But in 2013, Phelan moved out to Los Angeles, to fulfill his lucid dream.

Here is Luego’s latest lo-fi work of art, “The Man”.

The arid vocals and gravely soundscape mesh in a beautiful and perfectly balanced sonic spectacle.

We hope to hear more from Luego very soon.

The album was recorded in North Carolina in June and September of 2018 under long time producer and friend, Jeff Crawford. 


Credit Electric

From a very young age Credit Electric’s Ryan LoPilato wrote songs to “sing out the lightness of the things in life we find dark.”

His sound is focused around raw and improvised one take recordings of the guitar and keyboard. This process of writing has led to an outpouring of material LoPilato made into a full band ensemble.

Here is Credit Electric’s somewhat provocative, yet intensely interesting modern throwback of a track, “Because of You”.

“I try to write every day,” says LoPilato, “the (writing) process for me has always been a meditation, a place to find harmony within the suffering beauty of life. It’s something I would be doing with or without an audience.”

With quite frequent live performances, Credit Electric has been supporting an eclectic variety of touring artists such as US Girls, Japanese Breakfast and The Deep Dark Woods. 

The band recorded their debut LP with producer Thom Monahan in San Francisco at Tiny Telephone and at Golden Void in LA.



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