A Poem for “Something’s Up With Marsha” by Mending

The place once seemed exceptionally beautiful, but now felt quite cold and bleak — towering above her weary cheeks — the city had become a fiery inferno.

Great disdain she noticeably oozed for a place once covered in machinery and oil.

Like others — she thought I was strange. Still, she gave me a courteous nod and continued on her way.

In search of a dream, I had departed, but nothing ever seemed to fall into place, so back I went to face my fate.

But before I could leave, the snow began to melt, and little red cherries began to sprout.

You must now open your eyes — and get back to Wakerobin Hollow she told me.

So to Wakerobin Hollow I went — to care for a thing I thought I had tried to forget.

There were stalls selling apples, and Rhubarb in many shades — for work I tirelessly searched in vain.

I was greeted by peculiar smiles — they seemed to be rather cold, but smiled regardless of the foreign mold.

Before I could open my mouth, a peculiar woman said, “for you, I have something special.” And in her hand was bright red apple.

Mending is made up of singer songwriter Kate Adams who is based out of Chicago, and Joshua Dumas — an artist and composer out of New York. We Gathered at Wakerobin Hollow is a four hour, 40 song speculative narrative, and is being released in nine chapters over an 18 month period.

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Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.