Blues Revival: Jørgen Sandvik’s Regrets

Jørgen Sandvik is an award winning artist out of Norway.

He is also known from the folk pop band, Real Ones.

“Regrets” is the first single since Sandvik’s award winning album, Permanent Vacation.

The track is a bluesy slow jam reminiscent of a life well lived — it’s a down home meandering of sorrow and regret.

Sandvik’s fresh take on the blues may be just what we need to keep roots music alive.

Sandvik said he feels the blues is more of a state of mind than it is a genre.

The sound of Sandvik is raw and filled with emotion, and his use of non traditional instruments are subtle and a refreshing change up. In fact, the entire project is a fresh take on a worn out state of mind.

The single was performed and produced by Jørgen Sandvik, and mixed by Yngve L. Sætre.


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Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.

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