Lo-Fi Indie Limelight Ft. The Frownsss, Being Dead, Obvious Creature, Alien Lizard, Boe Weaver, JW Francis

The Frownsss

“Beesides” is the debut track from the eccentric two-man project that calls itself The Frownsss.

Unconventional recording techniques and 4 track tape machines run through the veins of the musical mutant love child.

Like an estranged stranger looking in, the track is an honest take on vintage radio oldies.

It throws caution to the wind with offbeat production elements while being held upright with a strong percussive backbone.

Dan Lean and Liam Eaton are the creative brains behind the two-man project birthed in late 2018 through the collective, Electric Possum Records.

Being Dead

For those of us who live for cerebral music that refuses to be easily categorized, it doesn’t get much more intriguing than Being Dead.

Multi-instrumentalists Juli Keller and Cody Dosier skirt the line between outsider music and commercial grooves that have been retrofitted with an irresistible sound.

The project is an original expedition into the depths of lo-fi experimentalism and indie pop.

While extremely avant-garde in nature, they’re not so left-field as to be woefully inaccessible to casual fans of experimental music.

pop music has been embracing the postmodern school of thought more and more over the last decade, but few groups are able to wield its wildly imaginative pen with the same command and prowess as Being Dead…

Obvious Creature

Obvious Creature’s third LP is entitled “Next Year Might Be Different” and represents a culmination of sound and artistic influence.

The album is a bleak commentary on cruel optimism and human desire to be something more.

The tracks explore rich textures of synthesis and organic instruments along with effected samples and layered vocals.

It is a new sound for Obvious Creature and a clear sign of their growth.

Here is the second single from the upcoming album, ‘next year might be different’ — releasing May 31st on Creature Collective records.

This is also the debut release for the indie label.

Alien Lizard

Your life is cinema. Every sensation a programmed impulse. Every thought a rabid pixelation of the last.

In the moments in between, you have witnessed the final evolution of consciousness.

We are now the architects of the universe. We are now the destroyers of worlds.

Do what thou wilt.

Rise from the illusion or drift gently into the most serene dreams the womb of modernity has to offer…

Here is the first single off Alien Lizard’s upcoming album, Monatomic Gold. Listen and dig.

Boe Weaver

Welcome to the world of Boe Weaver, where things are done a little differently.

Boe Weaver are less a band and more a state of mind. They make strange, exotic and heavy instrumental music.

Boe Weaver is far out shit, basically. A lava lamp of sound exploding in your mind. A cosmic rearrangement and prolonged derangement of the senses…

What happened to wanting to change the world through music? Start a revolution?

Boe Weaver is rarely spotted without their massive animal masks… They’re keeping their thousand yard stares well-hidden as they get busy in 2019 and beyond…

The first stage of the journey that began in earnest and which has now evolved into the occupation of this unique, self-created musical universe is now complete.

And now, prepare yourselves for the next stage of Boe Weaver.

JW Francis

Born in Tulsa Oklahoma, raised in Paris, France, and now based in New York City, JW Francis brings a warm, affable vibe to the frigid metropolis of New York.

The 25 year old songwriter makes music for people, to people, whether crooning about his love for his best friend (“Joe”) or telling jokes between songs…

After putting in his time supporting other artists — running a music magazine, Rare Candy, and a recording studio, CU Records — Francis set off to make art of his own, imprinted with a genuine love for others.

“Too Fast” is a song about things going too fast. Enjoy, and don’t forget to smell the roses.


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Ellis Walker

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