Wanderin’ Fool: Cryin’ Shame by David Quinn

A Midwestern boy born raised in Illinois, 50 miles west of Chicago, David Quinn was surrounded by old school country, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll music. He spent most of his summers as a kid up in the north woods of Wisconsin with his grandfather, where he fell in love with country music.

Back at home, his father would often whip out the guitar for intimate jam sessions. But when a childhood best friend reached out to him to play together, Quinn uprooted his life and moved out to LA.

A year later, unease crept into his bones, as he longed to play his own music. A move back home felt right.

After going back to a day job, Quinn got married, bought a house and had seemingly settled down. But after his marriage fell apart, Quinn sold his house, quit his day job and embarked on a road trip across the country.

Along the way, he played many of the country’s finest establishments.

“I just did a bunch of shit I wanted to do,” he says. “I really left everything and the life I was trying to make behind to do this. I had no intentions or plans at all. It was truly wandering,” Quinn said.

David Quinn’s life-changing excursions, which also took him to the edge of the Grand Canyon and to the city of Moab…seems to always bring him back to the highway — a road cutting through the mountains of Colorado and down to the sweltering heat of Texas and then back out west to the coast of California.

The road is long, and hard, but oh so beautiful. And now, here’s the Wanderin’ Fool’s “Cryin’ Shame”!


Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.