YouTube Exclusive: Still Believe by Mangoseed [Official Video]

London’s own Mangoseed faces up to the fear mongers with a homage to love in sonic form.

Celebrating the influence of music as a means of protest and empowerment — Mangoseed does this by way of a sublime vocal melody atop the band’s ensemble of an enormous bass, ethereal guitar and classic heavy dub.

Defying the entities in seats of power from Europe, to the White House — Mangoseed attempts to place their faith in truth, and the youth of this world.

Hailing from the cultural and creative melting pot that is England’s capital city — Mangoseed is made up of four musicians of Trinidadian, Jamaican, Australian, and Irish descent.

“It’s only love that will set us free.” Nicholai La Barrie, Mangoseed.

“This is our homage to our mothers and grandmothers, to the immigrants who built the United Kingdom. Our mama in this visual spent all her adult life in and paid taxes in a country that is sending her away. The legacy of the Empire is that the people you ruled come to live next to you, they are you. This is about the importance of community, against the backdrop of a country that is actively breaking community.” — Mangoseed | Follow the outfit on Instagram


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Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.