Lo-Fi Showcase Ft. Flowerbed, Helenor, Sean the Turtle


Flowerbed brings us some intensely lush dream-pop all the way from the artistic haven of Denton, Texas.

The track we’re featuring today is a lo-fi slow dance through an eclectic mirage of oldLevi’s, twisted afternoons, and a warm, densely vegetated forest.

When one thinks of quintessential lo-if indie rock — Flowerbed may just be that sound that seems to float effortlessly through the cosmic waves of the universe, and into the inner regions of your mind.

It’s almost like a disease.

And now, without further ado, here is “Daisy” — a waxing slow burner off Flowerbed’s latest album. Enjoy.


Helenor is the musical moniker of Boston-based visual artist, David DiAngelis.

His latest single “Wasteful” is the fourth and final single off Helenor’s upcoming debut LP — something twice. The album was written and recorded at home.

“This song is about throwing away food. More so, it’s about not fully appreciating the people or things around you.” — Helenor

The album something twice will be released on 8/30/19. And the limited edition vinyl is now available for pre-sale! Get yours now.

Sean the Turtle

Sean the Turtle is the new lo-fi project of Sean Lutz, founder of Southern California-based — kitchenromance.

The jam is a radical portrait of faded days, and lonely nights. A medley of guitars drenched in reverb, and beautiful sunsets that seem to melt into the sea.

As the day turns to night — light one up, and burn one down to the infectious vibrations of Sean the Turtle. You’ll be sad you missed it.


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Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.