Bandcamp Exclusive Ft. The Virtual Conductor, Dakota Blue, Crave On

The Virtual Conductor

The Virtual Conductor’s “La Vida es Bella” is one of Eamonn Watt’s more experimental tracks, featuring classical guitar on cassette tape, mellotron flutes, strings and celesta to create a nostalgic, reflective sort of sound.

Although Watt is a classical composer from the Shetland Isles — he dabbles in other genres and seems to stretch the creative limits of his human mind. The fringe is where he resides.

Now sit back, relax, and feel free to reap the profound essence of all that is The Virtual Conductor. Here is “La Vida es Bella” off his new album ‘Aquarelle’.

Dakota Blue

Dakota Blue is an experimental indie pop artist from the concrete jungle of LA.

“At the Gala” is a lackadaisical single glimmering of a sweet nostalgic resonance off Dakota Blue’s upcoming album — ‘Specific System’.

The project utilizes the 12-string guitar and synths to create a dreamy atmosphere around a gala in a garden. “The gala hasn’t started. Drama arrives early. She wears a pricey dress. He looks always unimpressed.”

Crave On

Crave On is an intoxicating band playing rock and roll music from deep within the eclectic hub of Nashville, Tennessee.

Their latest psych-folk project entitled “Ace on the Outspeaker” is a shimmering reflection of a collection of small moments that seem to fade away into a distant memory — as life just seems to keep rolling on by.

“Black night putting my nerves to the test. Like I knew I was the best, like I was better than the rest. Wild child putting the first things first.”


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