Afternoon Limelight Ft. Lani Lou & Alex McArtor

Lani Lou

Lani Lou is one of those mysterious bedroom artists who seems to emit a certain nostalgic emotion capable of melting even the hardest of hearts…

Her tender vocals and poignant delivery floats through the fabric of the universe like a timid child attempting to find her way back home.

Lani’s lo-fi music is so delicate, so irresistibly beautiful, you can almost hear the sound of a breaking heart as her intricate melodies unfold like a lazy brook, trickling down a gentle hillside.

Be sure to check out Lani’s latest tracks on Soundcloud, and please give her a follow on Instagram. You’ll be sad if you don’t.

Alex McArtor

Alex McArtor is a budding indie pop artist from the hot and sweaty metropolis of Dallas, Texas.

“Last Blur in the City” is a sublime release off her debut EP, Spoken Word. It’s a winsome slow dance into the heart of a lonesome land filled with broken, empty people.

Alex was inspired by the timeless classic, Lost in Translation. She had this to say about her latest project: “I wanted to write something that would fit in the soundtrack, but would also address some of the tensions that you feel in our largest urban environments.”

Keep up with Alex on Instagram, and be sure to listen to her new album on Soundcloud.


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