Essential Lo-fi Vibrations Ft. Kate Brunotts & Indigo Bunting

Kate Brunotts

Northern Virginia native — Kate Brunotts — is just your typical indie bedroom producer who up and moved to Brooklyn at just 18 to pursue a career in music, and fulfill her innermost dream.

This particular track “Bicycle Spokes” is about feeling kinda empty inside, yet still somehow looking like you’ve got it all together on the outside.

Anyway, it’s pretty much perfect in our humble opinion. Quintessential lo-fi bedroom pop music from the year 2019. The renaissance of indie diy music.

The eclectic percussion seems to drive a hypnotic chorus of poignant lo-fi vocals that we really do think seems to transcend both space and time. It’s a perfect mixture of indie lo-fi pop infused with a strong dose of experimental brilliance.

Kate produces everything from her little apartment bedroom. And we feel her sound is quite reminiscent of a sound that can only grow from a real, and authentic source. Here, take a listen for yourself.

Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting is an experimental indie pop trio out of Austin, Texas — mixing up catatonic tracks that glisten of gold and seem to radiate vibrations of a most pure, and sublime nature.

If you’re into psychedelic music from the sixties, then you’ll most assuredly fall in love with this magnificent gem from an outfit who’re into the groovier things in life.

You might as well give up bud, you’ll never be this cool…

Indigo Bunting’s “White Noise (Don’t Be a Winner)” is a finely tuned ensemble of a multidimensional melody that seems to come from a different, and more nostalgic place and time. It’s quite simply, bonkers — total madness. But madness of an overwhelmingly beautiful, cool, and refined nature mind you.

And now, without further ado, the time has come to soak in the radical vibrations of “White Noise” — and become infected with a sound that will most definently alter the trajectory of your life.

You too, will become just a little bit cooler by listening to this song. This, we promise you.


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Charles Johnson

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