Track of the Week: “Rest Of Our Lives” by Rah-C | Ep. 2

Rah-C is a 21 year old artist out of New York.

In the past, Rah-C has been mainly known as a rapper, but recently he dished up an infectious little lo-fi treat for his niche, yet rabid fanbase on Youtube.

The track is fresh, and is the 2nd 60 second episode from a string of short songs he’s been creating as an experimental exercise into a new world of sound. You can check out the 1st episode here, and the 3rd one here, but today we’ll be diving into episode #2 — entitled “Rest Of Our Lives”.

Yesterday, I reached out to Rah-C to see what was up with this unexpected departure from an art form he so long stayed loyal to. This is what he had to say: “I was rapping forever, but as a result of I guess maturing and growing I’ve dove head first into this new world, but no one has really heard it yet at all. My next project is a straight up alt-pop record (away from rapping) so it’s all new territory for me.”

When Rah-C dropped his debut alt-pop gem “Rest Of Our Lives” on Youtube, he told his base to share it with their loved ones. We think he’s right. It’s quite simply some poignant lo-fi alt-pop emitting a new love for unrestricted beauty and radical vibratory sensations. It’s some very special and unique shit. We just need a longer version, please. :p

We’ll keep you updated as Rah-C explores this new path of experimental lo-fi music, and continues to evolve as an artist. In the meantime, keep up with him on Instagram.

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Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.