Red Giant Mirage

Red Giant Mirage is an experimental psych-rock project created by Brayden Willmott, an Australian musician from the arid metropolis of Perth. Being a huge fan of Film Auteurs, Willmott strives to create every facet of his music using analogue gear.

“Killer Whale” was a spur of the moment track. The creation process started and ended in a matter of hours. Willmott wanted the song to be jazzy but ended up stumbling into a Melody Echo Chamber. The lyrics were inspired by Sean Tan’s work “Killer Whale”. Now, listen and dig:

“Killer Whale” Red Giant Mirage’s debut single, includes some truly wicked animation, and emits radical vibrations that seep through one’s psyche, and reminds one of kinder days, and warmer nights. “Killer Whale” is truly a dope track, and so very smooth – dripping with vibrations of vintage psychedelia and a simmering desert soundscape.

The music video for “Killer Whale” was made by Thigh Rash and features Oliver Booth on the guitar for the ending solo. Keep up with Red Giant Mirage on Spotify and Instagram. Red Giant Mirage’s EP is coming out on the first of March.


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