Strom Mccallum

“Darling” is the second shimmering single off singer-songwriter and all-around dashing dandy of a gentleman, Strom Mccallum’s upcoming LP. The song was recorded in Charleston, South Carolina at Truphonic Studios with the legendary master engineer Vlado Meller.

The track seems to summon warmer days even when it’s still pretty cold out. And evokes a unique blend of alternative country and vintage psychedelia.

Mccallum’s “Darling” is a joint, it’s a cold beer, it’s a bottle of strong whiskey on a hazy beach when you’re depressed yet madly in love. It’s the sound of another spring.

But in reality, Mccallum’s “Darling” is an incredibly eclectic sound of outlaw country gone stoner beach boy. And we absolutely love it from the very bottom of our hearts. Take a listen for yourself. And prepare to be stirred.

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