Barland Garnett

Barland Garnett is the alter ego of Brooklyn-based experimental producer, Thomas Murphy.

His unique sound is stained by a combination of circuits, machines, and warped orchestral instruments.

Barland’s music was conceived from the fusion of primitive forest dawns and the creaks of abandoned factories in the late-night hours.

This particular track (Private Paradise) was manufactured from an Organelle, Arp 2600, Minimoog, MOOD, SH-101, Guitar skronk, and features the subtle magic of Sophie Chernin.

Barland Garnett’s track is a shoegaze slow-burner infused with lo-fi elements of dream pop, avant-garde indie, and a sensual sensation that transports one to a faraway beach, with a cloudy cocktail in hand.

The sound is a nostalgic throwback to a warm time of mystery and hopeless romance. A sleepy waltz into the hazy mist of a cloudy room. It’s quite simply, sublime.

Barland has recently embarked upon an infinite stream of singles. Soundscapes distilled from the urban Brooklyn air. Give him a follow on Instagram.


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Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.

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