Corona Don’t Know Johnny Franco

Amidst these strange turbulent times of madness, it is important that we stick together, for all things pass. Spend some time in nature, and reflect upon the things in life that truly matter. Namely; family and friends, a safe home, a good sweet dog and naughty kitty cat, food, and clean water to drink. Nothing else really matters as a living and breathing human being.

The most brilliant minds in the world (I hope) are working on this and will find a solution.

In the future, let’s just be ready for things like this, and not react in such a volatile manner. The virus will take its course and the circle of life will continue on.

Meanwhile, in Portland, you may just encounter the mustachioed Brazilian spaghetti western rock and roller who goes by the name of Johnny Franco.

And to help you pass the time as you’re hunkered down, here is the nostalgic Johnny Franko and his radical new jam, “Tell Me Something”!

Recently moving from Sao Paulo, Johnny has developed a radicalized cult following in Portland for his intense street performances and timeless style. He’s a true rock and roll classic.

Johnny’s single “Tell Me Something” is a raucous and indelibly groovy tune with heavy doses of glowing nostalgia. It is a dandy of a jam that is glimmering with undertones of psychedelia.

The lyrics are an ambiguous nod to Johnny’s life on the streets in Portland and is an insightful commentary on the haves and the have nots of society. Truly an honest, yet relevant reflection of the modern-day culture in America.

May you all stay safe during these turbulent times of madness and confusion. The most important thing to remember is that we are all in this together. And there is no reason to panic. We will get through this.


Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.