beipana’s new midnight project (entitled “Late Night Fog”) is a low fidelity masterpiece from the manic depths of the lucid state of subconscious bliss.

The steel guitar consumes the mind of the listener as it sways to and fro – just as the organ endlessly slumbers into catatonic convulsions of primitive ecstasy.

And as the human awakes from his long slumber, the apeman will once again remember a thing he forgot long ago. Something that he’ll never again forget to forget – until he forgets it again…

Indeed, beipana’s latest track “Late Night Fog” sounds like something Ry Cooder would have dreamt up in the middle of an existential vision – under the desolate wasteland of the arid desert moon.

In short, “Late Night Fog” is a minimalistic, yet laidback work of art fit for a peaceful springtime night in the midst of a pandemic that has brought the global system to its knees.

May this track bring you some much-needed comfort as the bacterial wave makes its way across the globe…


Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.

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