Norman Lake

Norman Lake brings to us a hopeless slow-burner from the sandy shores of Southern California. The track is reminiscent of an arid emotion stripped of semblance and woven together with an introspective narrative that we can all relate to at one time or another.

Every line of this haunting track seems as if it was pulled like a needle from the corpse of a dead porcupine.

The lyrics talk about the hardship of change. An evolutionary concept we all struggle with. And brings to light the transcendental truth we all seem to have a difficult time perceiving.

Norman Lake’s “Mother Mary” is about being afraid of the unknown. Yet each line brings to light a hopeless cry, and even when salvation descends upon us, we declare that we are still afraid.

Only a 4 track tape cassette and all analog gear were utilized in the recording.

The unbridled and raw sonic texture culminate in a tumultuous and warm emotion that seems to ripple through the body of the listener. And as we move through the rhythmic construct of reality, a funny thought penetrates the minds of those who peer into the darkness.

They see that they are like dust in the wind. Nothing but a fading star set amongst an expanding, and never-ending galaxy. Nothing more than a speck of dust suspended in a light beam.

“I hope this song brings company to those sitting with feelings that seem too insurmountable to conquer.” – Norman Lake


Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.