Novelty Island

Novelty Island is the imaginative mind child of Tom McConnell – an avant-garde artist who was raised between Liverpool and Newcastle – but is now based out of London

Novelty Island’s sound is a mythical conglomeration of traditional songwriting, classic psychedelia, experimental electronica of a warped nature, and psychedelic surrealism.

“…Beyond the tranquil nature of Magdapio Falls, where the Saturn Alarms ring out through the night, there is a much mythicized location. A location so dangerous, so remote, so beyond comprehension – with an image so tarnished that each generation fears it more than the last…” – Tom McConnell

Tom’s new EP, “Welcome To Novelty Island” features the catatonic yet always eclectic Magdapio Falls, Saturn Alarms and Windows.

The live incarnation of Novelty Island also includes Tom’s other-half Frankie Tibbles on keys, David Dargahi on guitar and Harry Carter on the percussion end. 

Tom also creates radical visuals for the never-ending Instagram feed –


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Ellis Walker

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