4 Places For Independent Artists To Send Their Music in the Digital Age

Music Blogs

Music blogs are a great place to start submitting your music. Don’t forget to peruse the site and make sure their taste somewhat aligns with your own flavor of art before you start bombarding them with links to new project. Remember to personalize your message and keep it concise and to the point. One working link is usually all most blogs really desire.

Remember that it is about the music. It should always be about the music. You can find a list of music blogs we really like, here.

YouTube Channels

YouTube playlists, podcasts, and other online personalities are superb avenues to send your music. Just be sure to be respectful of the creator’s time, and be sure they even accept song submissions before you attempt to contact them. Time is our most critical commodity of all. Remember this always.

Radio Stations

Radio stations are still a thing. Yes, even in the digital age, AM/FM radio stations are still a great place to proliferate your music. Public radio stations, and university stations are the two who play the most indie music.

Think outside of the box and see if you really can’t get played on the airwaves. You might just be surprised.


SubmitHub is a music submission platform that will guarantee a listen plus some honest feedback for a nominal fee. This service is the only paid option on this list but is also the sole avenue who assures that your track is indeed getting a fair listen and honest critique.

You will have the option to send your music to playlist curators (YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud), music bloggers and even labels. Choose wisely.

Final Thoughts On Mindset

Despite the pandemic, social unrest, and absurdity of the media (including social media) we have without a doubt entered into a new age of accelerated information. A saga that is bursting at the seams with an unprecedented amount of quality music, art, inventions, and ideas. Technology is the main driving force behind this movement and we are the ones who are fueling this technological machine.

Although a digital renaissance is a much welcomed phase at this moment in space and time, the typical independent artist oftentimes feels as though they’re releasing their music into a vast ocean of creative expression. And yes, it’s true. In many instances superb music is lost and under-appreciated due to an overabundance of experimental art being released around the globe at the moment.

Just remember to have patience. And always focus on the art. Not the promotion. Not on the marketing. And not upon the expansion of your fanbase. The cultivation of your art and skill is what truly matters most. Everything else will eventually follow if your creative production is authentic and prolific – but most of all glowing with the beauty of the natural world.

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