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jman & the pigs

jman & the pigs is a solo artist (Jonny Link) based out of Byron Bay, Australia. The project is a post-rock reflection of dreamy alternative electronic music and alternative psych-rock – a tense sound from the depths of the underground scene that is anything but packaged.

The sonic aesthetic of the project is the thick drone of the Kawai e37c, radical synthesizers, and both acoustic and electronic drums.

“Hindsight” is a relatively reflective song with hypnotic drumbeats and layered vocals throbbing with heartfelt emotion. It’s a little peak into the heart of a wandering soul.

The track is about deception and the journey that one goes through as a sobering result. From the beginning stages of denial to despair – all the way to growth and true enlightenment – this enticing track has it all.

The song has a transcendental sound to it which gives the impression of a force larger than ourselves – an overarching cosmic power that seems to give meaning to the universe and beyond.

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James the Weak

Shortly after touring the United States as a guitar tech and stage manager for Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – James the Weak was born. 

James the Weak is an avante-garde artist, producer (former guitar tech), and creator of his very own eclectic sound inspired by a variety of classic and modern music, the blues, rock, reggae, soul, and funk.

Residing in Northern California, at only 12 years old, the boy behind James the Weak began taking drum lessons, and at 15 years old he borrowed his Dad’s guitar in order to impress a girl at his local high school.

The music of James the Weak is the philosophical paradigm of humility and an expression of harmony through confession and a true need to not only make – but also live high art. Here is “Not My Name”.

To put it more bluntly, this seemingly insignificant event (borrowing his Dad’s guitar) would alter the trajectory of his life and begin the sonic obsession that would drive him to endless nights studying old music, attending concerts, and teaching himself how to construct songs on the guitar. And in an attempt to capture a truly unique and neo-antiquated sound, he started teaching himself production techniques while also attending classes to learn the fundamentals of music theory.

James the Weak music is loyal but most important, the man behind the facade is free. Indeed, the music is honest and steeped in soulful guitar riffs and even mixed in with some modern drum textures and nostalgic melodies.

James the Weak music could be summed up as genre-bending compositions accompanied by melancholic and poetic lyricism – but we simply chalk it up as damn good music. Give James the Weak a listen and follow on Spotify.


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Ellis Walker

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