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Sawel Underground

Hailing from the Moorlands, the radical individuals of Sawel Underground felt that the sound of Staffordshire should oppose popular sounding music in a stylistic sense, and sound more like how their local towns felt at the time.

Indeed, the project persevered and soon the bandmates found themselves in a more honest and derelict world of realism and heartbreak, yet still somehow maintained a colorful outlook while infusing an underlying sensation of a hazy dream into their artwork.

While the project experimented with more unconventional production techniques, “Wild Thing” was naturally conceived as an authentic, growling lo-fi protest song of indie rock – in both style and sound. And we could not agree more, “Wild Thing” is a true take on the modern psychedelic renaissance – and after all, is a cover of a garage classic from the British Invasion of the sixties.

The avant-garde music video exhibits the S. Underground’s interest in eccentric fashion and visual style, and seems to further their exploration into the dark ocean of artistic thought – a void that has introduced them to the creative demigods of vintage sound and the mind-bending textures of the sixties.

With the fusion of hallucinogenic garage rock and hypnotic psychedelia, S. Underground seems to fit quite nicely into the sixties revival scene with their distinctive gritty sound of low fidelity. A sound that mirrors the abandonment felt in the cities of Northern and Mid-Britain.

S. Underground will begin recording their debut EP later this year. Now join the revolution and follow the project on Spotify you filthy animals.


tiny.blips is an independent yet highly experimental musician based out of south Florida by way of Delaware. tiny.blips’ smooth sound of low fidelity is a sound of utter grooviness. Indeed, a sonic spectacle to behold and cherish, at least for a little while.

Now, the project out of Florida gives to us his first single off an EP that’s packed completely full of cover tracks (the tracks will be released intravenously in the near future).

And now, here is Nirvana’s “Hear-Shaped Box” channeled through the artistic filter of tiny.blips. We think you’re going to really like this one as it really brings a new emotion to this classic track of post-rock.

All the eclectic instrumentation, percussion, vocal tracks, flawless production – including the recording in low fidelity and the mixing were done exclusively by tiny.blips.

We don’t feature a lot of covers here at Santa Rosa Records, but feel that both of these particular tracks, really resonates with the originals, while bringing a fresh perspective and infectious beat to both soundscapes.

Keep up with tiny.blips on Spotify and Instagram. In fact, give the project a follow. We don’t think you’ll ever regret it. And be sure to check out our latest radio show!


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Ellis Walker

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