The Foster Family Band

The Foster Family Band, a group based out of Phoenix, Arizona, brings to us a new track from their seven piece desert-folk ensemble.

The project features an eclectic collection of artists who each bring a unique influence to the interesting soundscape. Taking stylistic cues from a variety of folk, klezmer, indie, and classical styles, the collective flits and flirts between the chaotic and the serene, however dark or delicate the subject matter may be.

Their track entitled “Everlasting” is a somber yet dark desert-folk creation dripping with psychedelic vibrations and a glowing resonance of harmonic beauty.

The track was produced in-house by the band, and is the first track off their new album, The Lighthouse and the Ocean.

“Everlasting” was written by Perry Allen and The Foster Family Band, produced by Greg Lloyd, mixed by Jordan Tompkins, and mastered by Greg Lloyd. Be sure to give them a follow on Facebook.


Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.