0037: Bobby T. Lewis – Moon Pie (2020)

Sunday, November 29th, in the infamous year of 2020, Bobby T. Lewis released his debut single “Moon Pie” on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The coming out track is a gentle and soothing meditation upon the delicate nature of life. A winsome melody in low fidelity. Indeed, a beacon of iridescent light in a cosmos enshrouded in mist and confusion. In summary, the song entails the long and lonesome journey back home, with only the moonlight to light the way, and seems to bring comfort to all who listen.

“I figured it wasn’t good enough to release, so I shelved it. I was still finding my voice. It is far from perfect. I hope that you enjoy.” – Bobby T. Lewis

“Moon Pie”, along with the rest of the tracks off of Bobby’s upcoming album “Mighty was Your Light” (release date slated for 12/6/2020) were recorded shortly after the birth of his son, next to a crib that Bobby’s parents had bought for him.

The music was written by Bobby T. Lewis. Christopher Mitchell was the Director of Photography, Alex Ke the First Assistant Camera, and the enchanting animation was done by the one and only Chase Mussey. And a special thanks to Chris Hanzek, Jordan Essary, and Mike Parish @ 424 Recording.

“Moon Pie” was recorded on four-track cassette — all hail analog. Procure the single today over on bandcamp, and be sure to give Bobby a follow on Spotify!