Dreams on Tape

Dreams on Tape is an experimental project based out of Tampa, Florida.

The project was formed just this year and is the moniker of Jake Benfant, who writes and records everything in the solitude of his apartment recording studio.

Dreams on Tape influences include coming of age films, music documentaries, vintage photographs, modern bedroom and dream pop artists, and of course, the slippery underworld of psychedelia. The result is a fresh soundscape with nostalgic roots emanating from a a mysterious source few have uncovered. And now, here is Dreams on Tape’s first single fresh off their upcoming debut EP, Nostalgia. 

Dream on Tape’s track “Wide Awake” is an evocative lo-fi slow dance into the cosmic bosom of everything that is delicious and radical. The vocals flow so effortlessly with the texture of the soundscape, one must make sure they’re awake, and not dreaming.

If you’re into VHS, tube socks, and white hightop sneakers, then we think you’ll enjoy this track just as much as we did. And perhaps even more.

The track was released on all major outlets on October 30th. Be sure to give Dreams on Tape a follow on Instagram, and give the project a follow on Spotify you filthy animals.


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Ellis Walker

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